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Roderick van de Kimmenade wrote on the UKV Forum

Hi everyone, just want to show you my long awaited rifle that I got build by John Davies from DCR. It all started when I was watching a Youtube video from Richard with his .284 DCR build by Steve Kershaw. I totally loved that it was made in the UK and it looked so promising from spec and customer service point of view. So I looked into to find out more, just to realize that DCR actions are build not far off from where I live in Cornwall so I went to investigate on a rainy day and met John at DCE-Holne R&D facilties in Kingsbridge South Devon. The company is super high tech as they deal only with precision in mind. John showed me some of the rifle he had build recently for customers and I was sold by the entire package and asked to start straight away on the build of a F class action left port right bolt chambered in 308win.

The process has been really fun as John has been on the ball to find the right barrel and all the other components.

It has been now 4 months since the order and I would recommend too anyone to speak to him as he is full enthusiasm and his work has so far not disappointed me.

Action: DCR F class, short action, single shot, left port and right bolt.
Rail: DCR matching aluminum 20moa adj
Barrel: Trueflite, F class contour 32" 1-10" twist
Trigger : Kelbly Benchrest
Stock: Joe West, Ftr thumb Ups, light weight butt inlet
Scope rings: Third eye
Trigger guard: Holland light weight aluminum
Scope: Sightron Siii 8-32X56 lrtd/tdt

Devon Custom Rfiles Custom Build   Devon Custom Rfiles Custom Build   Devon Custom Rfiles Custom Build
Devon Custom Rfiles Custom Build Devon Custom Rfiles Custom Build

The Frigate Custom Built Target Rifle
A Bespoke Custom Target Rifle built by Mr John Davies DCR Firearms Manager and Custom Rifle Builder
This rifle was built by a very enthusiastic John Davies who listened to my requirements and he made excellent suggestions to complete the rifle's build specification. He also outsourced good quality items from UK manufacturers and incorporated them into the rifle's build. His thoroughly professional and very exacting standards resulted in a target rifle built to my requirements that during the rifle's run in period achieved a keyhole bullet group of 12mm at 400 yards in windy conditions. This is a testament to Mr John Davies very exacting standards in custom rifle building. I wish him the very best in future custom rifle building projects and would not hesitate in recommending his services to another Target or Sporting Rifle Shooter.
Written by a very satisfied customer and proud owner of an accurate Target Rifle, Mr JT

Fergal WROTE:
Today marks another stepping stone for Ireland Custom Rifle. After lengthy discussions with John Davies from DCE Holne we're delighted to announce that we are now the sole agents for Ireland and Northern Ireland for these incredible precision made custom bolt action receivers. Customer's and fellow rifle builders across Ireland can now avail of a new level of precision custom action previously only obtainable from the USA.
My initial thoughts on an action from the UK was somewhat biased having had almost every action known to man through my hands at some stage over my rifle building career, (mostly American) I thought, what could possibly meet the likes of the Bat or the Stolle or even the stiller, Borden, Defiance etc. Well now I got my answer. From this day forward I wont ever be using any other make of action for any of my custom builds unless a customer absolutely digs his heels in and specifies otherwise. I intend using these for all my upcoming builds.

Watch a Sharpshooting UK Review of the Devon Custom Rifles Long-Action RBLP in .284 by clickin the link below.

Extracts from "The British Made Action" by Steve Utting, Target Shooter Magazine, December 2012

I spoke to a very enthusiastic chap at this company who was full of ideas about bringing a premium range of actions out, entirely designed and made in the UK, along with all sorts of other excellent-sounding new products. I really enjoyed his keenness and was very excited to see a UK company making top actions.

We immediately started specifying my action. DCR allow total customisation of the action to your needs! We wanted RB-LP, long action- fine, simple enough but, DCR also asked for dummy rounds so that they could cut the ejection port to just the right length for me. What firing-pin size and weight would I like? What finish on the bolt, what engraving, what tenon length, what threads, what rail? Amazing!

A few months went by as DCR built the prototype action to my liking. I received excited texts, e-mails and photos detailing the action's progress and I could absolutely tell the passion that was going in to making it the very best possible.

I haven't used the other top actions but I can say this about this DCR: After a stiff load, it opens with two fingers and then slides back so smoothly as to take your breath away. At the back (and this is a long action) it is practically impossible to get it to wobble perceptibly and yet is doesn't feel like metal is riding on metal and whistling as you move the bolt forwa... it's very tight but also completely silky- it feels like it's on roller bearings.